Transfers and a GUI

The first update to Cryptoverse has arrived! If you need an introduction to Cryptoverse, you can find one here. The latest CLI builds are on our downloads page for Windows and OS X.

The Team

The biggest update, in my opinion, has been the new team members. So far they’ve all chipped in on the design of Cryptoverse, but here’s some of their other specialties:

Ian: Frontend, backend, and talented musician.

Kristofer: Frontend CLI and backend developer.

Usiten: Working on the frontend for a GUI version of Cryptoverse.

Publicly sharing a project is nerve wracking, but I have no regrets! The post on r/gamedev brought these fellows onboard! They’ve already made their mark on Cryptoverse, and if you’re interested in helping you can contact us through our subreddit.

Unity3D GUI and Plugin

The modular nature of Cryptoverse has made collaboration easier than I expected, and Usiten has already made a beautiful GUI for viewing the universe. Please check it out on Windows or OS X. If you just want to see a preview, check out the video below,

If you’re interested in making your own Unity3D project that integrates with Cryptoverse’s blockchain, check out our plugin. It’s completely free under the MIT license.

Last Week’s Results

The public alpha was a great first test for the Cryptoverse protocol. There were bugs, oh yes, but that’s what these alphas are for. The biggest issue impacted attack commands, where blocks containing attacks with surviving ships would be rejected by the server. Other than that, jumping and probing of new systems worked well, with 43 star systems discovered by a dozen different users in the past week.

This Week’s Update

In addition to the bug fixes, this week’s update adds the transfer command, allowing you to change ownership of your ships. Use this to consolidate fleets generated on different machines, though the ability to export your account information is planned to make this unnecessary. The real benefit of transfers will come when harvestable resources are added and traded among players.

Learn More

The design, gameplay, and protocol of Cryptoverse is still evolving, so we’ve set up a wiki to organize our efforts. To keep track of our progress and the tasks we’re working on, check out our JIRA.

What’s Next?

Moving away from abstract ships, to unique ships with customized modules, is a big change that’s on the horizon. How that works could be an entire blogpost on its own, but for now we have to lay the groundwork for it. This means cleaning up some tech debt, like adding merkle trees to manage block size.

Also, as you can see from the screenshots above, Usiten is also experimenting with some improved galaxy generation techniques. Again, it could be a whole blog post on its own, but the screenshots were too cool to leave out!

Release Notes – Cryptoverse – Version Core 1


  • [CV-17] – Add CLI command for defining a string as the meta data to be included with their probed star logs
  • [CV-33] – Add CLI command for transferring ships to another fleet


  • [CV-15] – Add a transfer action that changes a vessel’s fleet association
  • [CV-16] – Add database support for star log meta data
  • [CV-18] – Add meta data hash to star log headers


  • [CV-14] – CLI doesn’t adjust for difficulty increases
  • [CV-24] – Event types are not pre-populated when a fresh database is created
  • [CV-25] – Fix events not being included when probing from CLI

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